[preorder] Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting - Mini Megastore
[preorder] Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting - Mini Megastore
[preorder] Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting - Mini Megastore
[preorder] Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting - Mini Megastore

Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting


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Like monster hunting? Love crafting? Then pack your grill of barbecuing, ‘cos this is the 5th edition supplement for you.

Inspired by the thrilling battles of Monster Hunter™, the adorable companions of Pokémon™, and the cunning strategies of The Witcher™, Heliana’s Guide collides beloved RPG game mechanics with the classic 5th Edition DnD platform!



This behemoth, 600-page supplement introduces long-awaited rules for Tracking, Harvesting, Crafting, and Cooking, as well as 10 monster-hunting adventures*. Research foes using the unique clue system, best them in dynamic multiphase battles, then turn their remains into unique magic items! As well as a hoard of spells, subclasses, and races, the brand new Monster Tamer class brings a refreshing way to enjoy 5e; craft bespoke familiars and train them to do battle like your favourite pocket monster trainer.

*Plus one free digital hunt: eleven total!

Fight the Suneater Owlbear—on of the eleven epic adventures.

New Content for 5e

This supplement brings a hoard of new content to your 5e game:

  • Rules for Harvesting fallen foes.
  • A system for Crafting items using harvested monster components.
  • A ruleset for Tracking and over 150 random encounters!
  • Over 100 illustrated magic items.
  • 75 new creatures.
  • 69 sizzling spells.
  • 14 gorgeous maps.
  • 11 engaging monster hunt adventures.
  • 10 flavourful races.
  • 9 new subclasses for your standard classes.
  • A new class: the Monster Tamer and 4 subclasses.
  • A ruleset for Cooking and over 20,000 unique combinations of effects! (not a typo!)


What’s Special About Heliana’s Hunts?

This supplement brings you 10 monster hunts, standalone one-shots (well… more like two or three shots!) that are overflowing with gorgeous art, motivating storylines, and deadly boss battles. Each hunt has the following:

  • Combat balanced for three different levels of play for each hunt!
  • Fully-illustrated clue handouts to help your players prepare for the battle ahead.
  • Reimagined takes classic monsters, like the suneater owlbear or magnetite dragon.
  • Deadly three-wave boss battle replete with unique lair actions and environmental hazards.
  • A plethora of magic items that can be crafted from the boss.
  • 16 adorable familiars including one that can be crafted from the boss.
  • Gorgeous battlemaps for each hunt courtesy of Cze & Peku and The MAD Cartographer.



A deluxe version of the book is also available, with a faux leather cover and metallic ink alternate cover art.

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