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I am Jennifer and I am a massive nerd! 

A few years ago, I got massively into playing Dungeons & Dragons and I completly fell in love. My first game was with some lovely fellow gamer gals and like a cliche, I made an angsty street urchin rogue.

Since then, thankfully, my taste has gotten way better and my knowlege of dnd deepened. I got into collecting dice and i decided one lonely christmas that i would try to make some myself using some very cheap and crappy moulds i bought of amazon. 

From there I bought all the gear and a 3d printer to make my own dice designs just for fun. After showing them to some of my players for a game I was DMing at the time, one asked if I could make a set jjust for her to which i agreed. From there i refined my abilities and went from making dice to making 3d prints of minis for my home game. I started selling them on the side and things have just grown from there!


You can contact us at the following

Phone: 07817489788
mail: Jen@minimegastore.com
address: MiniMegastore LTD,  27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

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