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Jennifer Murray |


Our first seasonal offer begins! 

Until the end of October, for Halloween we are offering a free mimic with all of your orders of Minis that we print in store! (anything that isnt by Gale Force 9, Wizkids or TTCombat) 


Mimics are one of my favourite monsters in D&D! So much so that I think I can give you a little peak of what's hiding round the corner for the future of Minimegastore.com!

In the first blog post, I mentioned that one of the plans was that we wanted to make our own bundles of encounters and miniatures that you can slot into adventures or run as a one-shot. Think very similar to Epic Encounters, also available in store.

Well, I am proud to announce that work has begun on the first of such box sets! The working title we have at the moment is "Mimics and Our Feast". A Nightmarish reimagining of the classic Disney "Beauty and the Beast" except all the lovely singing furniture are actually devilish singing Mimics! 

We are still writing and playtesting but we can at least tease you the first part of the song that the mimics will be taunting your players with, a parody of the "Tale as old as Time" song from the 1992 film;

Tale as old as time,
Nothing as it seems,
Barely move an inch,
Then a little pinch,
Just a little taste…
Small bite at least…
Are you a little scared?
None of you prepared.
Mimics and our feast!


More to come soon! Thanks for all your support in bringing this nerd's dream a reality!